Registration of Foreign Companies


Tax Advisory Services


Foreign Investment Approvals

We undertakes to complete necessary requirements on behalf of foreign companies for either setting up (WOS) or (JVC) with any other Indian entity.

India is the world's largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies. As multinationals across the world shift their focus and approach to India, it is important that the country's.

We assists in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) either by WOS or JVC as per exchange control regulations and FDI Policy of the Government of India.
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Domestic Transfer Pricing Services


Company Formation in India


Tax Compliance Services

Across the world,advance pricing agreement is the preferred mechanism to resolve transfer pricing disputes. Revenue authorities are taken to make this programme a success and provide
We are highly skilled in formation and registration requirements for a new venture in India. Thereafter, we provide support for accounting, taxation, audit etc.
With globalization, accounting rules & regulation and audit standards are changing very frequently. Our division  alL team has continuous support from in-house domain specialist. 
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Management Audit :-

The object of Internal Audit is to assist you in the discharge of your oversight, management, and operating responsibilities through independent audits and consultations designed to evaluate and promote the system of internal controls, including effective and efficient.

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